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‘Walking for Change’ brings awareness to homelessness

By Lauren Maschmedt, KTVM Reporter

POSTED: 6:19 PM May 18 2013
Walk for Change

BOZEMAN, Mont. -It’s been said that you can’t know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. And on Saturday, Bozemanites walked over four miles to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be homeless.

Dozens turned out to HRDC’s first ever Walking for Change, where locals walked the route the area’s homeless walk every day. They stopped at places like the Warming Center and transitional Amos House to learn about homelessness.

Walkers said it opened their eyes to an aspect of the community they didn’t fully know about.

“The facilities that I’ve heard of over the years, I didn’t know where most of them were,” said Bozeman resident Barbara Turner. “Some were new to me that I didn’t realize, so it was a good education for me.”

Others, like Daniel Becton, said they were impressed with the “HRDC and the Food Bank’s commitment, to not just providing immediate service but changing the culture of how we think about poverty.”

The event started and ended at the Community Cafe. In conjunction with the walk, the cafe held a celebration to mark their one year anniversary, which was back in March.

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