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50 State Volunteer

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Posted: May 22, 2013 9:27 PM EDTUpdated: May 22, 2013 9:27 PM EDT

All across America, there are opportunities to help those in need.

Our region knows that firsthand seeing the response nationwide after the flood disaster of two years ago — and we will see it again now in Oklahoma following the destructive tornadoes that hit this week.

One man is seeing what can be done through volunteering…and seeing it across the country.

Perry Olson introduces us to a North Carolina man on a tour of the nation — touring to help.

This Green Valley home is being prepared for sanitation now nearly two years removed from the Mouse River flood…and playing a role in that process is Daniel Becton. He’s not unlike many here today — traveling from out-of-state to the region to help out…but Becton’s journey is a stop on a pretty impressive trip…

(Daniel Becton – Chapel Hill, NC) “Every community regardless of the economic conditions of that community have people helping other people and that is inspiring and I wanted to celebrate that in a really diverse array of contexts.”

So he is traveling the nation — every single state, plus DC — to spend one week volunteering. It’s a long 51-week journey…

(Daniel Becton – Chapel Hill, NC) “I raised 17 thousand dollars which gets me through the year and that covers everything except lodging. So far 49 roofs have been put over my head, Hope Village being the 49th host of my trip.”

He’s staying at the Village this week…and working with this Americorp team. A group he has served with before…and been impressed by…

(Daniel Becton – Chapel Hill, NC) “Faith groups and Americorps members and I think those two constitute the soul of America. Everywhere I go I see young people volunteering and serving with Americorps and faith based groups mobilized to really make an impact.”

North Dakota is stop number 38 — he’ll wrap up his trip this August having done lots of work nationwide…including here in Minot.

(Daniel Becton – Chapel Hill, NC) “I will be busy taking apart some of the homes that need to be gutted and demolished but it is going to be a really really fun groups getting to work with different groups along the way.”

Leaving a lasting impression on those he works with as well…In Minot, Perry Olson, KX News.

Next stop for Becton is Sioux Falls, SD to help people continue the clean-up process following a nasty spring ice storm that hit a few weeks ago.

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