Project Ubuntu at Leadership Academy

Daniel spoke to City Year‘s 25 staff teams and representatives from City Year South Africa at City Year’s Summer Leadership Academy in Boston.

Daniel followed Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick on stage in front of more than 1,000 of his colleagues and mentors from the nonprofit, which turns 25 years old this year. Watch below.


Daniel joined City Year members and a student from a City Year school in performing a musical piece that fused the gospel song “Deeper” and spoken word at City Year’s Summer Leadership Academy in Boston for the conference’s “Ubuntu Night.” Watch below:

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  1. Daniel, you have a gift for leadership and you are being led towards some unimaginable destiny through your work in Project Ubuntu. Keep on keeping on with your good work.

    You might to look up Michael Chase, founder of The Kindness Center in Biddeford, Maine. He is a member of our church. You may know him already as he has spoken at national conventions. His books are published by Hay House, very successfully. I haven’t had time to check your entire site to find out if you are a writer, as well as a speaker. Good luck with your project and whatever it leads to in the future. Your stage presence is commanding and it should put you in demand as a professional speaker. You can donate your huge fees of the future to fleshing out your message.

    Books about experiences such as yours seem to create a pathway to the Charlie Rose show, etc., where I hope to see you interviewed one day, sharing tidbits about his home state, North Carolina. If you don’t write, find a ghostwriter to work with you. Your voice needs to be heard.

    You may also be interested in reading about how our daughter, Christina Nordstrom and several others helped a homeless person in Boston. Her book is available online: “Park Street Angels.” The proceeds go to an organization called Hearth, Inc. Someone else who wanted to profit from the book posted the key part of the story online where you can still read it. The book goes on to explain the Hearth experience and how they found a home for Bob who has now passed on. Chris’s day job is grant writing for Governor Duval Patrick’s Department of Health. On Sundays, she and another musician lead the music on Boston Common at 1 p.m. for “common cathedral” whose nucleus congregation members are the homeless. It is run by Ecclesia, Inc. that has a website.

    Haven’t had time to read much about my own book distributor’s current project concerning the homeless entitled “The Invisible People.” Thomas P. Caldwell’s Kickstarter campaign to fund it must be nearing a close.

    I hope you meet these among many others if you do another year of travel.

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