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“Life’s most urgent and persistent question is, what are you doing to help others?”   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Project Ubuntu is happening because of — and in celebration of — the connected web of society today. The bigger the web, the more inspiring it will be for everyone who believes in the power of basic good will.

The most meaningful way for you to get involved in Project Ubuntu is to read the blog and genuinely contemplate the difficult-but-worthy pursuit of living for other people. If you’re inspired by the project, what can you do today to help someone? If you recognize how much you benefit from other people’s effort, skills and kindess, what will you do to repay that?

Better still, we hope you will get ambitious about that love. How can you channel your skills, interests and energy into helping others? How can you cultivate the tools that empower that love?

Most importantly, will you challenge your own understanding of “other” people? How can you move beyond the notion of them so there is always us?

Support Project Ubuntu

Daniel will be staying with folks along the journey, so if you can host in any of the project’s locations please contact us. If you would like further information about the project’s visit to your area, we will be excited to speak with you. In some weeks, extra volunteers may be able to get involved in our support of the local partner.


Project Ubuntu t-shirts are available for $10. Send your check made out to ‘Project Ubuntu’  (and your size) to:

Project Ubuntu
c/o John Becton
7609 Talbryn Way
Chapel Hill, NC 27516


This project is designed to run on a budget of just $16.5K, and thanks to your support we raised it!

Our budget is minimal for both practical and philosophical reasons. The action we’re taking is the result of hard work and productive leveraging of resources on a very low budget, just like all the causes we’re supporting. We understand that contributing a lot of effort and harnessing all available resources is what it takes to effect change, and we’re doing this to celebrate the folks who put that mentality into action every day.

Download and review our budget here.

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