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Overall Progress

Days on the road: 363

States Visited: 50
Miles Traveled: 42,000
Some of what Daniel was up to on the trip:

  • Facilitated 49 workshops to groups on leadership, identity and professional development;
  • Met with 63 executive directors and a range of other leaders at the forefront of community improvement;
  • Visited 58 schools, especially in low-income urban communities; and
  • Presented to 53 groups totaling approximately 2,120 people about his trip and vision for building community

Week Review

The Trip So Far

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City Year Boston: 42.358431, -71.059773
City Year Philadelphia: 39.952705, -75.177876
Boys and Girls Club: 39.621328, -75.690427
Jewish Volunteer Connection: 39.353669, -76.686404
A Tribe Called Joy: 43.857006, -70.103120
Change the World Kids: 43.624244, -72.518511
City Year Manchester: 42.998245, -71.524915
City Year Providence: 41.823989, -71.412834
Save the Sound: 41.308153, -72.928158
City Year New York: 40.714353, -74.005973
United Jewish Communities of MetroWest, New Jersey and the Israel Program Center: 40.824444, -74.417500
City Year Washington DC: 38.915646, -77.045960
Our Endless Opportunities: 38.941586, -77.365820
disAbility Resource Center: 32.906360, -80.089488
Oakhurst Recovery Program: 33.762656, -84.310759
City Year Miami: 25.773995, -80.194447
KidZNotes, another El Sistema-inspired program: 35.997782, -78.903470
Mobile Inner City Mission: 30.694357, -88.043054
Mississippi United Methodist Choctaw Mission: 32.771523, -89.116728
City Year New Orleans: 29.944332, -90.073722
Tulsa Symphony: 36.156451, -95.990805
City Year Little Rock/North Little Rock: 34.747258, -92.263894
City Year San Antonio: 29.425846, -98.500216
Friends of the Kaw, Kansas Riverkeeper: 39.116416, -94.610499
Breakthrough New Mexico: 35.670057, -105.919275
Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona: 32.188580, -110.925317
The Foundation to Assist Young Musicians: 36.114646, -115.172816
City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley: 37.337576, -121.891228
Church of the Crossroads: 21.294549, -157.822100
Utah Food Bank: 40.704115, -111.917372
Shepard Symposium on Social Justice: 41.313932, -105.584606
Project Worth More: 39.737567, -104.984718
Food Corps: 45.523452, -122.676207
JAMM: Juneau, Alaska Music Matters: 58.301944, -134.419722
City Year Seattle/King County: 47.583497, -122.303221
Bozeman Youth Initiative: 45.680135, -111.050550
Hope Village: 48.195946, -101.308185
Idaho Community Health Corps: 42.871303, -112.445534
Helpline Center: 43.558454, -96.746910
Project Interfaith: 41.258654, -95.989041
Beyond Housing: 38.627003, -90.199404
Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity: 41.628372, -93.578448
Groveland Food Shelf: 44.963693, -93.277988
City Year Chicago: 41.881252, -87.626681
Crohn\'s and Colitis Foundation of America - Indiana Chapter: 39.912473, -86.142174
City Year Detroit: 42.364490, -83.073890
City Year Cleveland: 41.499495, -81.695409
Scott\'s Run Settlement House: 39.629526, -79.955897
Portland Promise Center: 38.264685, -85.778819
The Oak Project: 35.053382, -85.305798

In each location I am experiencing our partner organization’s work and speaking to its members about their inspiration in order to reflect on how “us” can be built without “them.” Here are some of the many ways Project Ubuntu is engaging with people in each state:

Week 1: Maine – A Tribe Called Joy
Put multi-tiered fundraiser in motion to build a new elementary school playground
Chapter 1  |  Fundraiser video

Week 2: Vermont – Change the World Kids
Created recruitment video; supported charitable vegetable harvest and art sale; developed social media and fundraising strategy; generated presentation for annual gala
Chapter 2  |  Change the World Kids new video

Week 3: New Hampshire – City Year New Hampshire
Facilitated leadership workshop; visited local schools; joined service day; linked City Year London corps via Skype; supported volunteers at 200-mile relay race
Chapter 3  |  Quick recap in photos  |  Spotlight: Project Ubuntu  |  In the Spotlight: Meet the Wilhelms

Week 4: Massachusetts – City Year Boston
Facilitated identity workshop; visited local schools; linked City Year London via Skype; joined City Year Alumni Association conference
Chapter 4  |  In the Spotlight: Worcester State University

Week 5: Rhode Island – City Year Rhode Island
Facilitated identity workshop for full corps; visited local schools; met with directors of the Institute of the Study and Practice of Nonviolence and Serve Rhode Island
Chapter 5

Week 6: Connecticut – Save the Sound
Visited STS project sites; joined volunteers on National Estuary Day and student volunteers on West River; attended STS annual conference
Chapter 6  |  Guest Post: Project Ubuntu Spends the Week with Save the Sound

Week 7: New York – City Year New York
Facilitated four workshops on resumes and interviewing; ran ubuntu workshop for 4th-graders; visited local schools; supported service day
Chapter 7  |  In the Spotlight: Top Honors

Week 8: New Jersey – Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest
Delivered leadership workshops to three different groups of high-schoolers; spoke to young adult service group; facilitated identity workshop for Israelis on community service gap year; visited Holocaust survivors
Chapter 8

Week 9: Pennsylvania – City Year Philadelphia
Visited local schools; linked City Year London via Skype; supported mentorship program event; recruited college students for City Year at a career fair
Chapter 9

Week 10: Delaware – Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club
Tutored elementary school children in math and English; created a haunted house for 80 children; spoke at Rotary Club meeting; survived Hurricane Sandy with UD students
Chapter 10  |  Video: musical response from first ten weeks

Week 11: Maryland – Jewish Volunteer Connection
Facilitated leadership workshop for high school students; volunteered at a blood drive; joined community garden and cooking class efforts at a senior home; spoke to young adults about ubuntu and Jewish identity
Chapter 11

Week 12: Washington, D.C. – City Year Washington D.C.
Tutored fifth-graders; spoke to high school students about identity; painted at family shelter; met with alumni; canvassed to support recruitment efforts
Chapter 12  |  Guest Blog: CYDC

Week 13: Virginia – Our Endless Opportunities
Supported service projects at the center; facilitated Skype with children and a Peace Corps volunteer in China; tutored fifth-grade student in math
Chapter 13  |  In the Spotlight: Amanda Liles

Week 14: South Carolina – disAbility Resource Center
Facilitated personality training for staff; attended Toastmasters speech crafting class; met with diverse range of members of the disability community

Week 15: Georgia – Oakhurst Recovery Program
Facilitated workshops on identity formation and intersection, love and power, and personality types; attended group therapy sessions and both NA and AA meetings

Week 16: Florida – City Year Miami
Organized holiday toys for children in need; visited schools and tutored eighth-graders; facilitated workshop on goal-setting; attended Young Heroes trash pickup and Beacon Council event on economic development

Week 17: North Carolina – KidZNotes
Produced two videos highlighting the organization’s work; facilitated leadership workshop for elementary students; visited schools and music classes; attended three KidZNotes concert performances
Video: KidZNotes in Action  |  Video: The Kids of KidZNotes

Week 18: Alabama – Mobile Inner City Mission
Served breakfast and dinner at shelter; tutored students and supported after-school program; played piano with senior day program

Week 19: Mississippi – Choctaw Mission
Delivered six boxes of donated children’s books; served open lunch; supported children’s program; performed original song (inspired by the week) in worship service
Clip: Serve Others on MLK Day!  |  Video: Original Song

Week 20: Louisiana – City Year New Orleans
Supported preparations for large-scale MLK Day service project; visited and supported tutoring efforts at K-8 school; presented vision for project to So. Miss College of Business class, CY Baton Rouge corps, CY New Orleans corps and CY alumni

Week 21: Arkansas – City Year Little Rock/North Little Rock
Supported mid-year training week with the corps; facilitated workshop on personality/teamwork; joined MLK Day of Service project; visited two partner schools; visited community partner Our House
In the Spotlight: Our House  |  CYLR/NLR Newsletter

Week 22: Oklahoma – Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Supported music and art education initiatives; spoke to Tulsa University music majors and TSO staff about a vision for service; visited and supported five poverty alleviation programs including two focused on veterans
In the Spotlight: Veterans and Moral Injury

Week 23: Texas – City Year San Antonio
Visited schools to support City Year tutoring, recruitment, and school beautification efforts; met with and presented to full corps and staff; delivered five leadership workshops to 107 youth in detention in Williamson County
Article in Wilco Sun

Week 24: Kansas – Healthy Rivers Partnership
Helped build website; conducted interviews with local environmentalists with professional camera crew for promotional video; supported Waste Reduction Advocacy Partnership (WRAP) recycling initiative
“River Heroes” filmed interviews

Week 25: New Mexico – Breakthrough Santa Fe
Supported college prep programming; trained high school students to run leadership workshops for younger students; created a video from college prep event; assisted with web development
Article in Santa Fe Reporter  |  Breakthrough Santa Fe video

Week 26: Arizona – Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
Volunteered with and learned about holistic food justice programs on community farm, in food distribution warehouse and in community garden
Reflection in staff newsletter

Week 27: California – City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley
Visited full-time tutoring program at four schools; joined AmeriCorps Alums service project in Oakland; spoke to youth group at Ethiopian church; supported healthy cooking demonstration at elementary school
Guest reflection: Alex Rouse |  Guest reflection: Megan Baker

Week 28: Nevada – Foundation to Assist Young Musicians
Supported Violins for Kids program; captured footage to make short film; visited Ensemble Arts Academy; visited Opportunity Village, a community for people with intellectual disabilities
Video: FAYM’s Violins For Kids

Two-Day Bonus: California – City Year Los Angeles
Read to first-graders in honor of Dr. Seuss; visited two middle schools; met with various members of the CYLA team

Week 29: Hawaii – Church of the Crossroads
Worked at organic community farm; visited elderly through Project Dana; cooked meal for homeless; visited addiction recovery program for new mothers; connected wildlife support worker from Bangladesh and Hawaii via Skype; met with leaders in hospice care

Week 30: Utah – Utah Food Bank
Supported three ‘mobile pantries,’ distributing food to hundreds of refugee, elderly and low-income families; participated in five shifts of volunteer work at the UFB warehouse

Week 31: Wyoming – Shepard Symposium on Social Justice
Delivered workshop on identity formation and intersection; presented project to Symposium, one class and one student activist group; supported the University of Wyoming committee that ran the four-day conference
In the Spotlight: #TheLilyPadProject

Week 32: Idaho – Community HealthCorps
Joined Mayor Brian Blad in celebrating the national service movement; toured nine healthcare facilities and met with more than 20 people connected to low-cost and free healthcare; met with various groups connected to promoting diversity on campus and in town
Public radio interview  |  Local TV news coverage

Week 33: Colorado – Project Worthmore
Visited Burmese refugee families in project housing to support cultural mentoring; made video to raise awareness on Project Worthmore (released soon!); joined ethnomathematics conference on culturally relevant pedagogy for Native American students; visited City Year Denver and Providence Bible Church to learn about their work in the community

Week 34: Oregon – FoodCorps
Supported gardening activities at two elementary schools in Salem and one in Portland; joined high-school food biology field trip in Tillamook; visited FoodCorps staff, service members and service partners to learn about food justice movement in Oregon

Week 35: Alaska – Juneau, Alaska Music Matters (JAMM)
Supported music classes in three elementary schools; assisted in organization’s operational and marketing development; spoke to group of high school students and Juneau People for Peace and Justice
Public radio interview  |  Brief in Juneau Empire

Week 36: Washington – City Year Seattle/King County
Supported tutoring and mentoring in two middle schools and one elementary school for full day each; supported collaborative recruitment efforts between City Year and AmeriCorps NCCC

Week 37: Montana – Gallatin Valley Food Bank
Prepared food for nightly Community Cafe meals; participated in Walking for Change in support of community services; toured Bozeman Youth Initiative’s greenhouse bus, a farm-to-school youth mentoring project

Week 38: North Dakota – Hope Village
Joined volunteer village for week of flood recovery work in Minot, ND; spoke to AmeriCorps and faith-based volunteers; led conversation with local youth group
Minot Daily News  |  Local TV News  |  Local TV News 2  |  Guest reflection: Brandy Meador   |  In the Spotlight: Foster Care’s New Narratives

Week 39: South Dakota – Helpline Center
Removed branches and tree debris from ice storm from seven homes belonging to people with disabilities; presented project to social workers on staff

Week 40: Nebraska – Project Interfaith
Helped stage volunteer appreciation event; joined 18-mile bike ride to support RavelUnravel initiative; spoke to staff and volunteers about trip philosophy; met staff of Inclusive Communities
Guest blog: Project Interfaith   |  RavelUnravel Video Interview

Week 41: Missouri – Beyond Housing
Co-taught summer school class and supported summer camp at Lucas Crossing Elementary School throughout the week in Normandy School District

Week 42: Iowa – Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity
Joined building project that completed four homes; volunteered in GDM Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore warehouse

Week 43: Minnesota – Groveland Emergency Food Shelf
Volunteered each day at food shelf in downtown Minneapolis; joined Meals on Wheels deliveries

Week 44: Wisconsin – City Year Milwaukee
Volunteered at Pan-African Community Association; presented to AmeriCorps Alums and City Year staff; delivered training to recruitment staff; assisted at children’s carnival; packed Feed the Kids meals with Salvation Army

Week 45: Illinois – City Year Chicago
Delivered training on civic engagement to site’s senior corps; led team-building and visited service site with site’s civic engagement team; met with City Year alumni; joined workshops by principals and anti-gang violence group
Guest blog: City Year Chicago

Week 46: Indiana – Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
Assisted in event planning for charity tournament; supported development of organization’s social media; also visited a FIRST Robotics tournament with CCFA staff

Week 47: Michigan – City Year Detroit
Facilitated workshops on leadership, team building and identity formation for site’s team leaders; led group in service with Capuchin Soup Kitchen

Week 48: Ohio – City Year Cleveland
Supported first week of training for new City Year Cleveland corps; spoke to group about project; joined alumni panel; co-facilitated ‘Power and Idealism’ workshop; visited Providence House crisis nursery

Week 49: West Virginia – Scott’s Run Settlement House
Volunteered in daily emergency food distribution; supported effort to prepare and distribute 600 backpacks full of school supplies for K-12 students; served dinner at a soup kitchen; visited Literacy Volunteers of Monongalia and Preston Counties

Two-Day Bonus: Ohio – City Year Columbus
Spoke to City Year alumni and guests; joined kickball game with City Year alumni and current City Year Columbus corps

Week 50: Kentucky – Portland Promise Center
Supported summer day programs for K-12 youth in Portland neighborhood; joined Network Center for Community Change network event

Week 51: Tennessee – The Oak Project
Assisted in organizational development; supported group programming; visited Channels of Love HIV/AIDS ministry
Spotlight: Channels of Love

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