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Our free online invoice generator makes business invoicing a breeze

Use our free invoice generator to create a professional invoice online. Enter your business information, upload your logo, and choose custom details within our invoice template. Then, you’re ready to download and send.


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How to make an invoice using our free invoice generator

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a professional invoice that can be customised to your business's specific needs. Plus, there are a bunch of setting that you will be able to customise in the right-hand invoice settings panel.

To get you started with your invoice, follow these 10 easy steps:

  1. Enter the information for your invoice including the invoice number, invoice date, and invoice due date. If needed, you can add more fields, and notes in this section.
  2. Add your business name (or your name if you are a freelancer), your email address, contact number, and address into the billed by section. 
  3. Fill out the billed to section with the information of the business or client you are sending the invoice to. 
  4. Add each product or service as a line item, along with a description, quantity, and rate. You can also directly write down the amount if you did not want to add quantity or rate and remove those two items from the invoice settings panel on the right. 
  5. If you are invoicing for multiple goods or services, you can add a new invoice item below the one you created in step 4.
  6. If applicable, you can add the sales tax amount and shipping costs on the invoice settings panel. Alternatively, you can remove these items so they don’t show on your invoice.
  7. Then, to write instructions, payment terms, or any other relevant information, click on the add notes button.
  8. Add your signature, or create a space for your client to sign the invoice if relevant. 
  9. Customise your invoice by adding your business logo, changing the theme’s color and fonts, or you could even add a header and a couple of banners at the bottom to show your business’s most recent updates or promotions. Adding the banners or the header is optional, but we wanted to make sure you have the option to create the best invoice online that suits your needs. 

Finally, you can preview or directly download your PDF invoice ready for you to send to your client.

Download a blank invoice template in Excel or Word

If you’re looking for a downloadable blank invoice template, use our free invoice templates that you can download in Word, Excel, PDF, and other formats.

Tired of manually creating and sending each invoice?

Looking to up your invoice game? With QuickBooks online you can:

  • Create and send customised, professional invoices from your phone or computer, which will help you save time and get paid faster, no matter where you are
  • Set up automatic invoices to help you get paid on time
  • Generate smart predictions that make it easy to know when your invoices will be paid, you can even automate gentle reminders for overdue invoices

Get Started with QuickBooks invoicing software to send better invoices and get paid twice as fast as paper invoicing.

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