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Michael Reyes Small Business
Michael Reyes
Furniture business, Workshop

The Reyes family have always had their own businesses - ranging from sports and food, to now, furniture and upholstery. Industrial Manila started in 2016 by Michael's brother, but after he moved to Canada, Michael took over and focused on growing the business.

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Felicia Adderley Small Business
Felicia Adderley
Physiotherapist | Medical industry, Event planner

Felicia Adderley was born in the Bahamas and grew up in family of hardworking, strong, business-minded people. At just 15 years old, Felicia knew that she was going to open her own physiotherapist practice.

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Meryl Ng Small Business
Meryl Ng
Manufacturing, car workshop

Squad Workshop began in 2020 from Meryl's husband's interest in modifying cars. Since then the husband and wife team have been in the automotive business.

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Shawn Sagert Small Business
Shawn Sagert
Non profit organisation

Meet Shawn Sagert and his non-profit organisation, Tamar's Hope (La Esperanza de Tamar).

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Nils Peters Small Business
Nils Peters
Retail, Bicycles

Born and raised in Germany, Nils Peters moved to South America 18 years ago and never looked back. A big reason for anchoring down in Bolivia is because of Hiplus.

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Akhil Nana Small Business
Akhil Nana
Retail, Cinema

A love of movies inspired Akhil to open Egrek, a single screen cinema in Johannesburg that offers both public and private screenings in an intimate 30 seat experience.

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Paul Juppet Small Business
Paul Juppet
Legal Services

Born in France and raised in Chile for most of his life, Paul is now running his business remotely in the Netherlands.

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Shu Yee Tan Small Business
Shu Yee Tan
Professional Services

Shu Yee, based between Malaysia and Singapore, has been running Quality Oracle since 2019. Quality Oracle is a service that provides Intellectual Property Protection to a range of clients.

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Juliana Bustillo Small Business
Juliana Bustillo
Events, Flower arrangement

Juliana is a creative who decided to start a flower arranging business under the idea that all human beings need flowers in their life.

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Timo & Polly Small Business
Timo & Polly
Technology, Social newtwork platform

Timo started his business two years ago with his partner, Polly. They wanted a dating app that's different, allowing users to meet through shared experiences.

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Waqar Hassan Small Business
Waqar Hassan
Administration services, Property

Waqar started his business to help homeowners maximise property value through high standards of care and maintenance of their properties.

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Michael Almazan Small Business
Michael Almazan
Hospitality, Bubble tea

Michael started a milk tea business with his partner while he was still working in a corporate job.

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Tricia Thong Accountant
Tricia Thong

This Trinbagonian is bringing structure to the accounts of the island nation’s small businesses.

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Remote Hub Accountant
Remote Hub
Business Process Outsourcing

This Regional BPO leader uses cloud accounting to move its clients’ focus from simple tax and compliance to real-time financial management.

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Chun How Accountant
Chun How

This leading Malaysian small business accountant supports clients across the region.

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