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Introducing Nils Peters
  • German in South America
  • Avid cyclist
  • QuickBooks customer since 2019

Born and raised in Germany, Nils Peters moved to South America 18 years ago and never looked back. A big reason for anchoring down in Bolivia is because of Hiplus.
Nils Peters in his Hiplus Sevice Center

Hiplus, a bicycle business that sells bikes and components, started during Nils' sabbatical when his friend visited him with this idea. Previously Nils worked in a number of CEO positions in different industries ranging from plastic, metal, internet to food - but cycling was always his hobby.

So with his strong experience in entreprenurship and networking connections to the cycling industry, Nils and his friend decided to set up Hiplus.

Hiplus started in the living room, then moved to a shared office, to now having a brick and mortar store. Despite making progression in his business space, Nils still depended heavily on his external and internal accountants. "They were all so bad", he recalls, "I didn't know if I was losing money, or how much money I was making each month. It was disastrous."

A person with a helmet on looking at his cell phone.

Four years into his business, Nils then decided to take it on himself, and make his own decisions as a business owner. "I just wanted a software for me. Something that provides me all the information so that anytime of the month I can say, for example, this month our mechanics repaired X amount of bikes."

During Nils search for a cloud accounting software that was scalable and secure, he said his research was extensive and thorough. After trying out a few softwares, he finally found QuickBooks where he signed up for the 30-day free trial.

He liked the flexibility and usability of the product - the fact that he didn't need much accounting knowledge to use it, and that it's more than just an accounting solution.

I use QuickBooks for all my decision making. By having access to all the information on hand - it's just a much more simple solution than the one I was on. It’s a really great tool for business owners or entrepreneurs to be really informed on whats happening in your company. QuickBooks had a big impact.

Nils Peters in his shop

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The tools I use

Having come from a different accounting software, Nils said the data migration process was quite seamless. "I had data in the excel file, and could upload most of them quite easily. I made sure I took my time with it though, I think it's important to be patient with this process."

"I did it all on my own and migrated all my data from previous sales software to QuickBooks. From then on I had full control over my costs and information that I didnt have before."

What advice does he have for other small businesses?

Nils reflects back and says, "I’ve learnt quite a lot, mainly to be the owner of my data and my financial information. Make sure you have an easy to use accounting software that allows you to get real time, accurate data."

He also recommends those who are looking to start their own small business to do something they love. Nils says, "Choosing something that represents you makes the biggest difference."

You can learn more about Nils Peters' business at

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