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QuickBooks vs Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and Google Sheets

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Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that’s easy to use and automates your small business accounting? Take the manual labor and confusion out of using spreadsheets and make the switch to QuickBooks for your accounting today. 

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Why Small Businesses Love QuickBooks

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Save time with automated accounting

75% of customers say QuickBooks saves them more time than their previous method.1

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Join over 7 million customers worldwide

80% of customers would recommend QuickBooks to a friend or colleague.2

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Take control of your business finances

78% of customers say QuickBooks helps them simplify their business finances.3

QuickBooks vs Spreadsheets: Accounting Software Features

QuickBooks Online is ideal for small business accounting and offers a wide range of features to automate daily accounting tasks to save time. See how QuickBooks Online cloud based accounting software features compare to spreadsheets for small business accounting. 

Features and Functions Quickbooks4 Spreadsheets5
Track income and auto-sort expenses
GST and VAT Tracking
Create and send custom invoices and quotes
Progress invoicing
Schedule recurring invoices
Schedule late payment reminders
Accept bills and payments
Receipt capture
Bank feed integration
Categorize expenses from bank feeds
Track project profitability
Accounting reports
Manage budgets
Inventory management
App integrations
Free mobile app
Multi-device compatibility
Multi-language support
Multi-currency support
Invite your accountant
Password protected logins
User access permissions
Automatic data backup Limited
Always-on activity log
Audit trail
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat Support
Training and Certification Limited
Free Courses and Events
Large Network of Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants
- Feature or function is available and can be completed within the spreadsheet without additional software or other resources
- Feature or function cannot be completed from within the spreadsheet software without additional software / other resources to complete.
Limited- Not offered by all spreadsheet software providers; or limited features / functionality available.

Run your business seamlessly when you switch to QuickBooks Online from spreadsheets

71% of customers say QuickBooks helps them run their business more successfully than their previous method6.

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What QuickBooks Can Do For Your Small Business

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QuickBooks Mobile App vs Spreadsheets

Unlike spreadsheets, QuickBooks mobile accounting app comes free with any QuickBooks subscription. The mobile app allows you to run your daily accounting tasks from your mobile device without the need to switch between devices, platforms or log into your emails:

  • Send and track invoices
  • Receipt capture
  • Accept payments
  • Categorize expenses to customers or projects
  • Import customers and suppliers directly from your mobile phone
  • View reports on mobile dashboard
  • Track projects
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Run your Business from your Fingertips with QuickBooks

See what our customers are saying about QuickBooks Online mobile accounting app.

“So far, it has been amazing at getting me out of a pinch when I don't have my computer handy. It was an amazing scope and I can do basically everything from my mobile. Perfect. Easy to get around and figure out. Looking forward to exploring it more.”

- Giuliana Gobbato, Dec 2018

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Migrating from Microsoft Excel to QuickBooks is Easy

Moving to QuickBooks Online from spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or other platforms such as Xero, Sage, or Wave is simple. You can import your data into QuickBooks with CSV files in a few easy steps.

Build the Right Accounting Software Plan for your Small Business

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Join 7 million customers globally 
using QuickBooks

Join 7 million customers globally 
using QuickBooks

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“I feel safer in QuickBooks. To be practical, you just have to put everything in the cloud. It's probably more risky with pen and paper.”
Paul Juppet, Moved from Microsoft Excel to QuickBooks
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