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Introducing Michael Reyes
  • Furniture business
  • Workshop
  • QuickBooks customer for over 13 years

The Reyes family have always had their own businesses - ranging from sports and food, to now, furniture and upholstery. Industrial Manila started in 2016 by Michael's brother, but after he moved to Canada, Michael took over and focused on growing the business.
The Reyes family

Industrial Manila crafts residential and commercial furniture that can be customised to the clients' needs. Michael highlights that their pieces reflect world-class craftsmanship and quality built to last. Industrial Manila are available online, and have expanded to two different physical locations in the Philippines.

A dining room table with a white tablecloth.

Michael's QuickBooks journey started in 2010 with QuickBooks on desktop, which helped his early family businesses in food and sports. Even with these vastly different industries, his top 3 favourite QuickBooks features remain the same: reports, invoicing and the mobile app.

With reports, Michael loves being able to see his business performance clearly. "The growth and challenges, where it went and how it went - you see the full picture of the company," he says.

Another favourite of Michael's is the mobile app. Ever since QuickBooks launched its cloud accounting software, Michael and his brother took the leap to adopt this as a way to grow their business. Fast foward to now, Michael loves the simply UI and ease of access, "I justified my iPhone 15 purchase with being able to use QuickBooks for my business!"

He also speaks highly of the invoicing feature. Due to the nature of his business, most of his clients come through social media which requires quick responses with quotations.

This is where QuickBooks comes in handy.

I find it easy to create invoices and estimates, I'm able to do it while in transit or even when I'm multi-tasking. I also love how I can add visual references of the furniture piece, and customise it with my logo - it makes my business look professional.

When reflecting about his experience with QuickBooks in the past 13 years, he says it's like having its own department in the business. A department that when you spend more time in it, is able to help his business do more. "I'm happy with QuickBooks - I referred my neighbour, and he loves it too."

A person working on a pipe in a shop.

QuickBooks helps me save on costs and time, streamline operational processes and also focus on areas in the business that need attention.

The tools I can't live without:

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The tools I use

What advice does he have for other small businesses?

Invest time for everything in your business, from sales, accounting to marketing, because it will give you time back. For example, make time for using an accounting software, so that it can save you so much more time in the future. Otherwise it's going to catch up to you and it may make you feel like you're drowning.

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