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Introducing Felicia Adderley
  • Business minded
  • Physiotherapist | Medical industry
  • Event planner

Felicia Adderley was born in the Bahamas and grew up in family of hardworking, strong, business-minded people. At just 15 years old, Felicia knew that she was going to open her own physiotherapist practice.
Felicia Adderley

Due to her love for entrepreneurship, Felicia is not only a physiotherapist, but also owns an event planning business. Posh Parties started after organising balloons for her mother's 70th birthday, she found that there was a helium shortage and saw an opportunity in the events & decor market.

When asked about what her challenges are as a small business owner in the Bahamas, she mentioned administrations and logistics were complex, but finding and retaining talent was also a big challenge. "Especially when I'm trying to move my businesses forward at the same time," she says.

When Felicia started her business in 2014, she wanted to track what her business was bringing in and the expenses it was costing, she says "I was a stickler about these things - wanting to know what's going on, and keeping a good record." She recalls she heard about QuickBooks during her time working at the hospital, and decided to sign up for her business.

One thing she loves about QuickBooks is that it makes her excited to see the data and trends of her business. She's able to see what's going on, make projections and manage expectations.

Felicia Adderley

QuickBooks is very helpful as it allows me to see data, and from the data I can make projections of how my business will perform.

She said it helps during tax time, otherwise she wouldn't know how else she could manage or know. When reflecting on her life before QuickBooks, Felicia says she has no memory of it - she its been there since the beginning.

Till this day, Felicia refers to her QuickBooks account everyday, "You rely on it to get that business snapshot, it becomes something you wouldnt wanna do without. It's also very easy to use and intuitive."

A person in a blue shirt is in a hospital bed.

QuickBooks is just the standard. I can't think of any other financial software that I would go to. I would highly recommend.

The tools I can't live without:

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The tools I use

What advice does she have for other small businesses?

Expect the unexpected, be flexible, and most importantly try to enjoy the business. And if there are parts you don't enjoy, try and change them. Don't be afraid to rework things even if you have to tear it down. So if you can hire help, do it as soon as you can afford it so that you can take the tasks you don't enjoy off your plate.

Someone's head has to be up and looking around, you can't always be looking down.

Find out more about Adderley Physio and Posh Parties (@poshparties)

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